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QuickBooks Premier provides a robust set of accounting and financial management tools for small businesses. With so many features and capabilities, navigating the interface efficiently is key to getting the most value out of the software.

In this article, we’ll give you tips to quickly and easily find your way around the QuickBooks Premier layout. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get oriented with the Home Page
  • Use the icon bars for quick access
  • Find transactions and data with Centers
  • Switch between lists and forms
  • Leverage keyboard shortcuts
  • Customize the icon bar

Follow along as we break down the main areas and key techniques for navigating QuickBooks Premier.

Get Familiar with the Home Page

The Home Page in QuickBooks Premier provides a centralized dashboard to access common tasks and view insights. Take some time to get familiar with the main areas:

  • Icon Bar: Contains one-click access to top tasks like creating transactions, paying bills, invoicing, and banking.
  • Insights: See at-a-glance snapshots of income, expenses, account balances, and more.
  • Left Menu: Contains links to navigate to all areas within QuickBooks.
  • Activities: See recent transactions and open tasks.

The Home Page is a great starting point and command center. Now let’s look at how to quickly jump between tasks.

Use the Icon Bars

Icon Bars provide convenient one-click access to QuickBooks’ most commonly used features. There are two main versions:

Top Icon Bar: Located at the top of every page, this contains universal links like Save, Delete, Print, and Undo.

Left Icon Bar: Located on the left side of most pages, this contains task-based links that change depending on where you are in QuickBooks. For example, it may show Make Deposits, Enter Bills, Record Expenses, etc.

The Left Icon Bar lets you quickly switch between related transactions without using the Left Menu. Look for the blue icons to quickly navigate as you work.

Find Transactions and Data with Centers

Centers are QuickBooks Premier’s version of mission control centers. Use Centers to quickly access, enter, and view all data related to a specific area.

Key Centers include:

  • Customers: See sales, contacts, jobs, receivables, and communication.
  • Vendors: View bills, purchases, payables, and contact info.
  • Employees: Access payroll, workers comp, benefits, and more.
  • Company: Obtain details about your taxes, licenses, budget, inventory, chart of accounts, and banking.

Click the Centers icon on the Left Icon Bar or Left Menu to access Centers for the area you need.

Switch Between Lists and Forms

Many areas in QuickBooks let you toggle between Lists and Forms views:

  • Lists: Display high-level information in table format. Use Lists for reporting and getting the big picture.
  • Forms: Show in-depth details for a single transaction or record. Toggle to Forms when you need to enter or edit information.

For example, in Accounts Receivable you can view an AR Aging Summary report in List view. Click any customer to open the Customer Center in Form view for that client.

Practice toggling between List and Form views in Centers and transactions. It’s a handy way to quickly analyze and act on your data.

Take Advantage of Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make navigating QuickBooks faster and more efficient. Here are some of the most useful:

  • Ctrl + Home = QuickBooks Home Page
  • Ctrl + I = Customer Center
  • Ctrl + A = Vendor Center
  • Ctrl + T = Create new transactions like invoices
  • Tab = Move to next field
  • Alt + T = View product item list
  • Ctrl + Q = Easy print

You can see and customize all keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks Premier’s preferences. Enable shortcuts under Edit > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Customize the Icon Bar

For even faster access to common tasks, customize your Left Icon Bar. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Customize Icon Bar gear icon at the bottom of the bar.
  2. To add an icon, drag it from the list onto the bar. To remove an icon, drag it off the bar.
  3. Click Save to apply your new custom icon bar.

Now your most used features will be one click away!

Work Smarter with QuickBooks Premier

Mastering these tips for efficiently navigating QuickBooks Premier will help you save significant time. Work smarter by:

  • Using the Home Page as your command center
  • Leveraging the icon bars for quick task switching
  • Finding data fast with Centers
  • Toggling between List and Form views
  • Enabling keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizing your icon bar

Soon you’ll be moving seamlessly through QuickBooks Premier to manage your books. Consult our full suite of guides and resources to take your skills to the next level.

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