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Dealing with errors in QuickBooks can be frustrating, but resolving error H202 is easy if you know the right steps. In this article, we’ll walk through what causes this error, how to fix it, and steps you can take to avoid it in the future.

What Causes Error H202 in QuickBooks?

The H202 error occurs in QuickBooks Desktop when multiple users try to access a company file at the same time and change data. QuickBooks can’t allow simultaneous changes, so it displays the H202 error to prevent file corruption.

Specifically, H202 happens because the company file is stored in a shared location like Dropbox or Google Drive. When multiple people access the file at once, it confuses QuickBooks.

So how do you resolve this error and get back to work? Let’s look at a few simple solutions.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error H202

Here are three ways to troubleshoot the H202 error in QuickBooks Desktop:

1. Try Again

The easiest solution is to have the other user exit the company file and try to reopen it after some time. Often, closing out of the file will release the lock so you can access it again.

2. Switch to Single-User Mode

If simply retrying doesn’t work, switch to single-user mode in QuickBooks to resolve H202. Here’s how:

  • Close QuickBooks on all computers
  • Open the company file on one computer
  • Go to File > Switch to Single-user Mode
  • Try to reopen the file on other devices. The H202 should be resolved.

3. Condense the Company File Data

Over time, company files can become bloated with unnecessary data. This makes multi-user access slower and more prone to locking errors like H202.

To fix this, condense the company file:

  • Back up your QuickBooks data
  • Close QuickBooks and reopen the company file
  • Go to File > Utilities > Condense Data
  • Select the option to remove transactions or names/unused list entries
  • Click OK and condense the data

Condensing will streamline the file so multiple users can more smoothly access it.

Tips to Avoid QuickBooks Error H202

To prevent H202 errors in the future, implement these best practices:

  • Don’t store company files in the cloud – Instead, keep them on your local network so multiple users can access without syncing conflicts.
  • Take turns accessing the file – Set up a schedule so only one person edits at a time. Communicate with colleagues when you begin/end a QuickBooks session.
  • Condense regularly – Run the condense utility monthly to keep the company file optimized for multi-user access.
  • Upgrade to multi-user hosting – QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Hosting solve H202 by allowing smoother remote access across multiple devices.

Resolve QuickBooks Error H202 and Get Back to Work

While frustrating, fixing the H202 error in QuickBooks Desktop is straightforward once you know the causes and solutions. With some careful coordination between users and good file maintenance habits, you can avoid this error and work seamlessly in your QuickBooks company file.

Let the H202 error be a signal to optimize how your business collaborates in QuickBooks. Implementing smart multi-user strategies and software upgrades will resolve not just H202, but other access issues too. With a streamlined QuickBooks system, you can focus on business growth rather than tech headaches.

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