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QuickBooks Payroll makes paying employees and filing taxes easy for small businesses. However, like any software, you may encounter technical issues that prevent payroll from processing smoothly.

Don’t panic if you experience problems with QuickBooks Payroll. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot and resolve common payroll issues.

Review Error Messages

If payroll fails to complete, the first step is checking for any error messages in QuickBooks. These provide clues into what went wrong.

Common payroll errors include:

  • Unable to connect to QuickBooks Payroll Service.
  • Missing paycheck information for one or more employees.
  • Invalid bank account selected for payroll payments.
  • Funds in bank account insufficient for total payroll amount.
  • Failed to download tax tables for payroll calculations.

Make note of the exact error message and details. This will help identify causes and solutions.

Check Internet Connection

Many payroll issues arise from connectivity problems with the QuickBooks Payroll Service. Check that your Internet connection is stable on the computer running payroll.

Unplug your router and modem for 60 seconds to reset the connection. Or try switching to a wired Ethernet connection for faster speeds.

You want a strong and reliable connection before reattempting payroll.

Update QuickBooks Desktop

Outdated versions of QuickBooks Desktop can also disrupt integration with the payroll service.

Go to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop to download the newest updates and patches.

Keep QuickBooks Desktop up-to-date to ensure compatibility with backend payroll servers.

Switch Intuit Accounts

Sometimes the root cause of payroll errors is your Intuit account itself. Try logging out and switching to a different Intuit ID for QuickBooks and Payroll:

  1. Click Gear Icon > Account Settings
  2. Click “Sign Out”
  3. Sign back in with a different Intuit ID
  4. Retry Payroll

Switching accounts resets the connection and often resolves elusive payroll errors.

Review Company File

Damaged or corrupted company files can prevent payroll from functioning properly in QuickBooks Desktop.

Try creating a new company file and setting up payroll from scratch. See if payroll works in the fresh file.

If the issue persists, you likely need to repair your original company file to fix payroll errors.

Verify Employee Setup

Another culprit of payroll issues is inaccurate or incomplete employee setup. Double check that all employees have the required info:

  • Proper salary/pay rates configured
  • Federal and state tax details added
  • Bank accounts for direct deposit completed

Missing pieces for employees can halt payroll processing. Make any corrections needed.

Adjust Funds Settings

Some errors occur when there is insufficient funds in the bank account connected to QuickBooks Payroll.

Go to Employees > Payroll Settings > Funds Transfer. Make sure you have enough funds and adjust transfer settings if needed.

Topping up the payroll bank account and allowing sufficient transfer time prevents funds errors.

Reconfigure Payroll Service

If payroll problems arise after a QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll update, try reconfiguring the integration:

  1. Open QuickBooks Payroll Service Menu
  2. Choose Options > Repair Connection
  3. Enter payroll credentials and walk through setup again
  4. Update employee payroll items and settings

Re-syncing the two can resolve issues caused by updates on either side.

Call Support if Issues Persist

For recurring payroll errors that prevent processing, call Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Support. Explain the specific issue and error message.

Their agents can investigate root causes, review your setup, fix company file damage, and troubleshoot real-time. They can directly resolve payroll issues within the connection to their servers.

With persistence and help from support, you can get QuickBooks Payroll back on track. Don’t let payroll errors halt your small business operations.

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