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QuickBooks Desktop from Intuit is the leading accounting software choice for small and midsize businesses. As with previous years, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is available in multiple editions to meet diverse business needs. Here we’ll compare the pricing and key features of the Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2024.

QuickBooks Desktop 2024: Pro Edition

QuickBooks Pro is the most popular edition among small business owners thanks to its intuitive interface and extensive feature set, balancing simplicity with depth.

Key Features and Benefits

QuickBooks Pro 2024 enables essential accounting and finance functions for managing a growing small business:

  • Streamlined billing and invoicing
  • Detailed profit/loss, cash flow, and balance sheet reporting
  • Automated paycheck runs for employees
  • Easy bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Budget planning and variance analysis

Pro Edition supports up to three simultaneous users, making it ideal for small teams. With abundant capabilities suited for most small businesses, QuickBooks Pro 2024 delivers immense value at its price point.


The QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024 single-user license starts at MSRP $299.99 per year, with add-on monthly pricing for payroll processing. Multi-user “Pro + Hosting” plans with cloud access provide savings scaling to more employees.

QuickBooks Desktop 2024: Premier Edition

Premier Edition builds on Pro with advanced inventory and payroll capabilities for product-based businesses and those with sizable workforces.

Key Features and Benefits

On top of Pro features, Premier 2024 adds:

  • Expanded inventory costs and sales tracking
  • Industrial-grade payroll equipped for a large employee base
  • Location and class-specific profit/loss visibility
  • Deeper sales tax handling, including Nexus compliance
  • Higher simultaneous user limit: up to 5 via the multi-user option

The extra features make QuickBooks Premier the ideal choice as your products, locations, and personnel grow over time.


QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024 starts at MSRP $449.99 a year for a single-user license. Premier payroll pricing tiers scale from $359.88 to $1039.80 annually, supporting 10 to 100+ employees.

Cloud subscription plans unlock savings for add-on services like payroll, storage, and hosting, as well as access to Intuit’s advanced reporting suite in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

QuickBooks Desktop 2024: Enterprise Edition

Designed for larger businesses, QuickBooks Enterprise 2024 provides advanced customization and scalability to manage intricate, high-volume finances securely.

Key Features and Benefits

Standout specialized capabilities in QuickBooks Enterprise 2024 Edition include:

  • Support for up to 30 simultaneous access users
  • Advanced inventory with FIFO costing and serial/lot tracking
  • Custom fields and tailored workflows
  • Granular user permission controls
  • Automated data protection and recovery
  • Full fixed asset accounting
  • insights via the built-in reporting suite

QuickBooks Enterprise 2024 brings enterprise-grade power, control, and visibility tailored for expanding product and service companies.


Given the expansive feature set and specialized support, QuickBooks Enterprise 2024 carries a higher price tag at MSRP $1,649 a year. Building on the robust core platform, add-on apps and services provide further value, like advanced pricing, manufacturing, sales orders, and more.

Scalable licensing provides flexibility to add users and features as large businesses grow.

QuickBooks Desktop 2024: Which Edition Is Right For You?

With distinct mixes of features and pricing across Pro, Premier, and Enterprise products, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 offers solutions fit for small businesses all the way up to enterprise businesses. Integrations and platform extensibility also encourage fluid growth within QuickBooks’ ecosystem.

Assessing your business model, user count, current pain points, and growth trajectory helps determine the best QuickBooks 2024 Edition to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Foundationally, QuickBooks 2024 upholds Intuit’s commitment to delivering accessible and powerful accounting capabilities, improving with each release.

The comparison of QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Choosing the right QuickBooks Desktop 2024 product for your business is an important decision impacting day-to-day accounting efficiency. Beyond headline features, the editions differentiate in several subtle ways around advanced reporting, customization flexibility, and access controls.

QuickBooks Pro 2024 meets most small business needs with its extensive feature set. But Premier 2024 opens up newer reporting capabilities through bundled connectivity with QuickBooks Online Advanced. This provides insightful visualization of profit drivers, sales pipelines, and comparisons across periods for smarter decisions.

For product companies, Premier also enables connecting inventory data with sales orders in QuickBooks Online Advanced for tracking demand volatility. The cross-platform data connectivity unlocks greater analytics value from the robust underlying data within QuickBooks Desktop.

On customization, Enterprise 2024 truly stands out, allowing minute modification of everything from transaction screens to graphs to custom fields capturing business-specific entities. With customization options not available in lower tiers, Enterprise enables large businesses to mold QuickBooks to handle their unique workflows.

Finally, fine-grained user access controls in Enterprise 2024 give confidence in financial data security. With employee growth, wise permissions management on what actions different users can execute reduces the risk of errors or fraud.

Carefully weighing capabilities specific to your growth trajectory is key in maximizing the value derived from QuickBooks Desktop 2024 products over the long run.

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